To positively influence people in their efforts to reduce our negative impact and use our precious resources more efficiently, through the offering of free useful advice; recommendations, and the provision of objective, accurate information.

I believe that scientific exploration, technology, innovative design and cultural progress, influenced by true core values, are the most powerful tools we have to positively change the world.

People don’t trash the earth because they are evil, its mostly because the first industrial revolution left us with no other alternative. At that time natural resources were abundant, things were primitively designed, and people did not fully grasp the consequences of their actions.

Entrepreneurial individuals and market forces that are guided by sustainable policies are propelling us into the second green industrial revolution. One that will eventually be in harmony with the planet.

It is vital to encourage sustainable use of our planet’s seemingly boundless but limited energy and water resources. In doing so, we will insure a lasting, healthy, environment for ourselves, our children, to succeeding generations and all life of this planet.